At I.R. Waste Management Ltd we share today’s concerns for the Environment, as a company, we are constantly striving to Recycle or Re-Use waste materials where possible rather than taking the easy route of Landfill.

With today’s ever changing climate and environment it is important to find alternative ways of disposing of your waste materials.

What you think may be waste, could be a re-usable material to us at I.R. Waste. We are currently recycling many different materials, some of which are exported to other countries for processing and re-use in other products.

Plastic Recycling – Pallet Wrap, Polythene, Polypropylene, PET, ABS, HDP these can be collected loose, baled or palletised.

Glass Recycling – Single Colours or Mixed Bottles.

Cardboard/Paper – Office Paper, Magazine, etc these can be collected loose, baled or palletised.

We also offer recycling options for such things as Nylons, Non-Woven, Metal/Plastic Drums & IBC’s, Tote Bags, Batteries, Fluorescent Light Tubes and Electrical Waste.

I.R. Waste Management Ltd also offer recycling of certain Non-Hazardous liquid waste streams, such as beer and pop which can go for Land spreading/Injection which are both forms of Recycling.

Our company approach is that recycling should be done in a way that permits the maximum amount of material to be recovered. This increases the percentage away from landfill which is better for the environment.