Hazardous Waste

I.R. Waste Management Ltd has over 25 years of experience in the waste industry, giving you total confidence that your Hazardous Waste is being dealt with in a safe and proper manner.

There are thousands of companies who use various chemicals for a wide range of uses, some may be new but out of date, no longer required or used chemicals that are now contaminated. These may be stored in all sizes and types of containers, held in laboratory bottles, drums, bulk containers or large storage tanks. Some of these chemicals may have been on site for years, which need to be identified and none more so than those which come under the heading HAZARDOUS waste.

Our qualified Chemist will identify your waste disposal needs, sample drums, and tanks and have the samples analysed so a chemical breakdown can be gained. This will ensure the correct and most environmentally friendly treatment and disposal of your waste.

No job is too small or large, whether it is one drum, a few lab chemicals or up to a bulk tanker. Should your waste require re-packaging or re-drumming prior to transportation our technical staff will carry out this on your behalf giving your total peace of mind.

I.R. Waste Management Ltd will fill out all relevant documentation Consignment Note or Duty of Care waste transfer note, arrange labels in accordance with all current regulations. All staff are trained and very safety conscious of carrying out such tasks as packing, re-drumming, and labeling.

We provide a secure, cost-effective Waste Management service to all customers to ensure peace of mind that your waste is being handled in the correct and safest manner.